It’s A Deal Between LAX, SFO and JFK

My work will be taking me to New York over the next few months, as a project we sent out a proposal for in August was finally approved last week.

In the budget, we had set aside $2000 for travel between Los Angeles and New York, but thanks to the economy and competition along the route, we will be able to pay for three or four trips.

Right now, round trip airfare between LAX or SFO and JFK can be had for as little as $235, if you pick the right days and right flights.

That comes to a Cost-Per-Elite-Qualifying-Mile of less than 5 cents, which these days is quite a deal for domestic travel. Add a stop in San Francisco for $10 each way, and earn an extra 337 (or 500) miles, depending on your status!

With open seats up front, that means a good chance of flying United’s P.S. business class for ten hours for less than $300 and an upgrade instrument or two. Not a bad deal if you ask me!


2 Responses to It’s A Deal Between LAX, SFO and JFK

  1. G.Ro says:

    1KmyWay: Will you shoot me an e-mail at I’ve just started blogging (, and would love to chat with you about it. I’d also like to add you to my blogroll. I think 1KmyWay is an excellent, concise blog an gaining elite status on UA, and I would love to use at as a resource for my readers to illustrate the hunt for 1K on United.

    Let’s chat. I’m also handle PanHam on FT.

    Thanks, sir.


  2. abraxis says:

    Good luck with using CR1s or E500s on the SFO-JFK run. It’s very elite heavy. Based on the past year, I’ve got a .250 average on getting upgraded. Last time I flew JFK-SFO, there were 20+ people waiting for upgrades. All were 1K or GS….

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