1K My Way

January 5, 2009

Welcome to 1K My Way, a blog devoted to my relentless quest to maintain the top-level of elite Status on United Airlines.

To earn 1K status, you have to get 100,000 Elite Qualifying Miles in a year–which means flying to Europe and back about 8 times a year from the West Coast, or some other mix of travels.

The benefits of 1K status are worth it, though: Six Systemwide Upgrades a year–to fly in Business Class on International flights, up to eight Regional Upgrades for those coast-to-coast flights, 4 500-mile eUpgrades for every 10,000 miles flown, extra award inventory, access to exit rows and Economy Plus, access to Star Alliance lounges on international trips, priority standby, phone lines, security and check-in, and more.

I have been a 1K flier for three years now, and this is the story of how I will requalify for 2010, and where my travels took me along the way.